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Our hearts break with those who have lost loved ones in this pandemic and who have endured significant financial impact and lost jobs and businesses.  Yet as we have all recently considered the immediate possibility of our own death, CEF Alaska stands confidently where we always have, pointing everyone (especially children) to Jesus Christ, the only one who can give anyone the absolute assurance of a "not guilty" verdict before God at the end of this life.  And in the meantime, He gives instruction and power for the redemption of the remainder of this life--bringing a glorious transformation and joy out of our brokenness.  This is the Good News of our Good News Clubs!

Our goal on this page is to provide some resources during this time of isolation for parents who want to provide their children access to what they've had all year at our Good News Clubs, and for the parents who haven't had their kids in Good News Clubs all year, we want to provide you with resources for your kids to pass the time in a constructive and trustworthy way.  If you like what you see here, consider letting your kids join us next fall when we resume live clubs in your school.

Resources from CEF Headquarters

Click HERE for materials from CEF's national headquarters including videos, audio programs, devotionals, coloring pages, and more!

CEF Alaska Resources

Click HERE for videos on Vimeo made right here in Alaska by our own CEF-trained teenagers, using material from Good News Clubs

Mailbox Club

Click HERE to go to our Mailbox Club page where you can sign your child up to receive Bible lessons in the mail.  Complete the lesson, mail it in, and receive the next lesson!

Prayer needs

If there's something you would like our staff to pray for regarding your family and this current Covid19, please fill out the form HERE and let us know how we can pray for you!

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